Our Company

A little of history


It was June of 1975, when the activity of our company ABC SA was born and began.


The Chilean economy, at that time, with some difficulty, tried to get out of the critical situation in which it was.


Developing an activity linked to international trade, at that time, was not an easy task. We were convinced that our work was a way to contribute to the reactivation.




The importance and size of Cía Cervejearia Brahma in the world, but in particular in Brazil, was so great that the Real Bank, the largest private Brazilian bank of the time, already installed in Chile, contracted our professional services, in the person of our General Manager and Executive Director, Mr. Jaime A. González Sierra.

The Trading of  Real Bank in Chile, was assumed with total success, in the manner indicated previously.

Work that we developed up to the year 1985.


Our first look focused on the giant of Latin America: Brazil.

We traveled to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, to establish the first links.


Together with us, we carried the representation of important companies of the time: wine, honey, pisco, fruit, were some of our first experiences.


Returning to Chile, we did it with the representation of one of the largest breweries in the world: Cía Cervejearia Brahma.

The first import, we made it in December of the year 1976.

Our activity, together with Brazil, continued intensively, promoting and giving conferences together with businessmen of the FIESP (Federation of Industrialists of Sao Paulo State).



In that year, our company signed a Joint Venture of collaboration and work, together with "Inter-America", chaired by the prestigious lawyer and economist, Dr. Gil Veiga de Carvalho, colleague during our time of Real Bank.




Due to the capacity and excellent performance of ABC SA in our international operations, Dr. Veiga de Carvalho, senior trading executive of the Pao de Açucar Group in Brazil, recommended our professional services for representation in Chile.

Pao de Açucar, one of the largest economic groups in Brazil.

Work that we developed with singular success, both in import and export until the year 1993.