1993 a 2018


This period of time has been very intense and fruitful.


  • We work in direct import for diverse products placed in the most important productive companies of Chile.

  • In the area of ​​communications, we managed to attend the largest national company, with sale and import of the first antennas for satellite communication.



Everything an event for the time.


  • Strong increase of plastic cages, for the transport of live birds;

  • Melanin products;

  • Plastic bins, for the collection of industrial fruit;

  • Plastic pallets, replacing the traditional wooden pallets;

  • Plastic chairs, for the national industry;

  • Caps with drop count for the pisco industry;

  • Sale of different types of matrixes, for domestic manufacturing;

  • From Chile to Brazil, ABC SA worked with singular success and with our customer portfolio, a line of credit proposed by Chilean banks.

  • For our customer portfolio in Brazil, we worked with international credit lines, origin Europe.

  • ABC SA, advised the Government of the State of Sergipe - Northeast of Brazil in the capture of financial resources from Chile.


This was how it was worked and then approved, procedure for granting financial resources, through Securitization of Assets.


  • Being the State of Sergipe, the third largest oil producer in Brazil, ABC SA was formally and officially requested to detect and obtain, internationally, technical advice and financial resources equivalent to USD 2.0 bi, to install an oil refinery.

  • Advisory to Sugar Producing Cooperatives, to capture financial resources.

  • Advice to Beet Cooperatives, in the capture of financial resources.

  • Advice to Gold Mining companies in the capture of international financial resources.

  • ABC SA, acts as a representative of the United States company for Chile and Latin America, seeking to invest and form Joint Ventures through a Special Purpose Vehicle - SPV - with state companies in Chile, increasing agricultural, fruit, poultry and Industrial in Chile and Latin America, exporting to the world from Chile, using all our comparative advantage.


International consultancy and representation of foreign companies in Chile. Recent history of our services